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Mr.Vijay Bhambwani , CEO, BSPLIndia.com.-The outlook is bearish in the short-run, with a downside upto 5-8 per cent, says Vijay Bhambwani -(30th September 2002)
Mr.Balasubramanian.A.Fund manager, Birla Mutual Fund.-Balanced Funds give the best of both debt and equity , says Balasubramanian -(23rd September 2002)
Mr.Sandip Sabharwal.Fund manager, SBI Mutual Fund.-The market in the near-term doesn't look too bright , says Sandip -(9th September 2002)
Mr.Sandeep Shenoy.Strategist,Pioneer Intermediaries Pvt. Ltd. -The market, on the whole, is on an improvement course, and one should see good times ahead, says Sandeep Shenoy -(6th September 2002)
Mr.Aloke Chatterjee.GM - Head of Training ,ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd. -Insurance is that type of portfolio, which is not meant for harvesting high returns, it is for protection, saving and investment,says Mr.Aloke Chatterjee -(5th September 2002)
Mr.Andrew Cartwright,Chief Actuary, OM Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Ltd-The premium is not the only issue. Most people would be happy to pay a higher premium if the maturity benefits (including bonuses) were to be higher says Mr.Andrew Cartwright. -(4th September 2002)
Mr.Jayesh Shroff,fund manager, BoB Mutual Fund -We are planning to increase the products that we will offer investors , says Jayesh Shroff -(2nd September 2002)
Mr.Arun Kejriwal,Kejriwal Research & Investment Services (KRIS) - Market is behaving funnily and it needs drivers for any major movements which just don't seem to happen, says Arun Kejriwal -(30th August 2002)
Mr.Mayur Shah,Technical Analyst, Fortis Securities Limited -Markets can move upto around 3165-3175 and then react to around 3075 level , says Mayur Shah -(26th August 2002)
Mr.Ramanathan K,Asst vice president, Fixed Income/Fund Manager,Birla Sun Life MF - MIPs, Balanced Funds are an attractive option today , says Ramanathan K -(16th August 2002)
Mr.Hitendra Vasudeo,Technical Analyst,Stockmechanics.com -Wait for markets to move towards 2800 or below and then think of accumulating stocks, says Hitendra Vasudeo -(12th August 2002)
Mr.Ajay Kejriwal ,Director, Jet Age Securities -The bear market is already 2 years old. I think we should be nearing a bottom, says Ajay Kejriwal-(2nd August 2002)
Mr.Sandesh Kirkire ,senior vice president, head - fixed income & security investments -We believe income funds can pay returns in the range of 7-9 per cent for periods of six months to one year, says Sandesh Kirkire(12th July 2002)
Ms. Chandan Desai,Head-Equity,JM Mutual Fund -Even today most of the equity funds are outperforming the benchmark indices and one can expect much better performance from them when the market moves in upward direction, says Chandan Desai.(28th June 2002)
Mr.Sumeet Rohra,Technical Analyst,Gandhi Securities -The markets will remain in a trading range of 3400 to 3100 and a break above this level should take markets up , this should happen sometime in next quarter, says Sumeet Rohra (14th June 2002)
Mr.Vijay Bhambwani,CEO, BSPLindia.com. -The Indian economy should bounce back from the fourth quarter of the current financial year, says Vijay Bhambwani - (24th May 2002)
Mr.Arun Kejriwal,KRIS.-Real, created or unreal and buying opportunities will exist as long as one is alive, says Arun Kejriwal - (17th May 2002)
Mr. Anil Sarin , Asst. VP-Investment,Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd. and Fund Manager-Birla IT Fund.- (29th April 2002)
Mr. Hitendra Vasudeo, Technical Analyst, stockmechanics.com.- (26th April 2002)
Mr. Devang Dhruv Asst. Vice President, Equity Group Khandwala Finances.-Equity markets - An Overview - (19th April 2002)
Mr.Dheeraj Singh - ( Debt funds-What lies in FY03 ?.) - Fund Manager - Debt, IL & FS Mutual Fund - (16th April 2002)
Mr.P R Dilip - ( Director Gandhi Securities.) - Markets : Looking for guidance - (12th April 2002)
Mr. Milind Nandurkar,Senior Fund Manager - Fixed Income ,Sun F&C Mutual Fund :Debt Funds : Can they repeat last year's performance? -(5th April 2002)
Mr. K Seshadri,Deputy Editor - Business India.-Markets : What lies in store in FY03?-(1st April 2002)
Mr. Vikas Sachdeva,Head - Sales and Marketing,Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund.-Birla Cash Plus declares Dividend. Check out the advantages of BCP dividend -25th March 2002)
Mr.Mr. R. Srinivas Rao,VP Equity Research,Rooshnil Securities Pvt Ltd.-Equity markets : An overview -22nd March 2002)
Mr.J.S. Grewal-Sr. General Manager-Fortis Securities Limited, Member NSE-Talking Stock -18th march 2002)
Mr. Jayesh Shroff,Fund Manager,BOB Mutual Fund.-Equity funds - An overview -15th march 2002)
Mr. Sarvana Kumar, Head - Fixed Income, SBI Mutual Fund.- Debt funds - An over view -11th march 2002)
Mr. Salim Dawoodani, Vice President - Equity Research (Technical Analyst), Darashaw & Company - Markets : The Budget Impact - 4th March 2002
Mr. R.K Gupta,CEO & Fund Manager,Taurus Mutual Fund.- MFs - Are they meeting expectations? - 25th February 2002
Mr. U.R Rao, Divisional Manager and Funds-in-charge, Canbank Mutual Fund- MFs - Budget Expectations - 22nd February 2002
Mr. Sanjay Dutt, Director, Quantum Securities Pvt Ltd. - Is 2002 another year for the Bears? - 15th February 2002
Mr. Alok Churiwala, Director, Churiwala Securities Private Ltd. - PSU stocks - The hot picks - 11th February 2002
Mr. Ajay Kejriwal, Director, Jet Age Securities Private Ltd. - Markets : Effect of disinvestment - 8th February 2002
Mr. Rohit Srivastava, Market analyst, SSKI/sharekhan.com - Balancing Act : A discussion on risk & returns - 4th February 2002
Mr. Nishid Shah, AVP, Investments, Fund manager, Birla Equity Plan, Birla Sun Life AMC - Is tax saving plan an ideal mix of tax saving and equity investment? - 1st February 2002
Mr. Salim Dawoodani, Vice President - Equity Research (Technical Analyst), Darashaw & Company - Markets : A technical analysis - 28th January 2002
Mr. Sanjiv Shah, Executive Director, Benchmark Asset Management Company - MFs : The road ahead - 21st January 2002
Mr. Jitendra Panda, Asst. Vice President - Derivatives, Motilal Oswal Securities - Indian Derivative Market - A closer look - 18th January 2002
Mr. Sunil Singhania, Director, Advani Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd. - Markets - What lies ahead? - 14th January 2002
Mr. Hitendra Vasudeo, Technical Analyst - Will second line tech stocks deliver? - 11th January 2002
Mr. Rajiv Anand, Head Investments, Standard Chartered Mutual Fund - Debt funds - Still the best bet? - 7th January 2002
Mr. Manish Shah, Market Analyst - Stock Market - Hot picks for 2002 - 4th January 2002
Mr. Lalit K Khanna, Executive Director, Escorts Mutual Fund - MFs - Looking ahead to 2002 - 31th December 2001
Mr. P. R. Dilip, Director, Gandhi Securities - Year end review....and looking ahead to 2002 - 28th December 2001
Mr.Ravi Gopalakrishnan , Sun F & C Mutual Fund - Investing in equity : an overview - 24th December 2001
Mr.Hitendra Vasudeo - Tehnical Analyst - 14th December 2001
Mr.Suresh Soni - Volatility of interest rate is a fact of life. I guess investors and players in fixed income markets have to be well prepared to accept it, says Suresh Soni, AVP - investments & fund manager, Pioneer ITI MF .
Mr.Dipan Mehta - Investing in media stocks is slightly more risky because of the absence of good quality managements, says Dipan Mehta.
Mr.Suhas Naik - The existing lot of tech stocks is available at very attractive valuations, says Suhas Naik
Mr.Manish Shah - 23rd November 2001
Mr.K.Ramanathan - Have MIP's become an attractive option today considering the low interest rate regime? - 19th November 2001
Mr.Ramgopal K - Debt funds : Can they sustain the high returns? - 12th November 2001
Mr. Tridib Pathak - Equity markets attractively valued - 5th November 2001
Mr. P.R. Dilip - 2nd November 2001
Mr. Prashant Jain - 29th October 2001
Mr. Pijush Das - 22nd October 2001
Mr. Vijay Bhambwani - 19th October 2001
Mr. Ranjan Dhawan - 15th October 2001
Ms. Chandan Desai - Recession, WTC, War - where are we headed ? - 08th October 2001
Mr.Sindhu Sameer - Q2 Results - to ENSURE A BLACK OCTOBER - 05th October 2001
Mr.R.K.Gupta - 01st October 2001
Mr.Sachin Abhyankar - 28th September 2001
Mr.S.Sankarnarayanan - Pharma Sector - Golden years ahead - 24th September 2001
Mr.Gurunath Mudlapur - Are the capital markets dead for now? - 21st September 2001
Mr.Milind Nandurkar - Impact on Indian Markets ? - 17th September 2001
Mr.Jigar Shah - Is it good to invest now? - 14th September 2001
Mr.Lalit K Khanna. - MFs - Best bet for long - term? - 10th September 2001
Mr.Srinivas Rao R. - BSE Sensex to touch 2780 !! - 7th September 2001
Mr.Dheeraj Singh - 3rd September 2001
Mr.Arun Kejriwal - 31st August 2001
Mr.Sandip Sabharwal - 27th August 2001
3 great ideas for an Equity Investor - Mr.Jayesh Patel - 24th August 2001
Debt Funds on a roll - Will the party continue ? - Mr.Sandesh Kirkire - 20th August 2001
Reversal in US slowdown is expected towards the first calendar quarter of 2002 - Mr.K.Seshadri - 13th August 2001
Chinta ki koi baat hai ya nahi hai !! - Mr.Chinta Money - 10th August 2001
MF Industry - Still a long way to go - Mr.U.R.Rao - 06th August 2001
Ask everything about Value Investing - Mr.Ajay Kejriwal - 03rd August 2001
Equity...Hope based on Fundamentals - Mr.R.Sukumar - 30th July 2001
Doing 'IT' right - Mr.Nikunj Doshi - 27th July 2001
Debt is not dead - Mr.Nandkumar Surti - 23th July 2001
Keeping a close watch on the markets - Mr.Saumil Trivedi - 20th July 2001
Debt Funds - Can high returns be sustained - Mr.Vineet Udhesie - 16th July 2001
Should you be a fence sitter - Mr.Alok Churiwala - 13th July 2001
Spot the silver lining in these dark clouds - Mr.Girish Nadkarni - 06th July 2001
Disciplined Approach - Key to better returns - Mr.Ved Prakash Chaturvedi - 2nd July 2001
Come Options, What is it for the Retail Investors - Mr.Nirjhar Gupta - 29th June 2001
Are sector funds a good investment choice ? - Mr.Anil Sarin - 25th June 2001
Learn all about Life cycle investing - Mr.Vinay Bajpai - 22nd June 2001
Is the Bull waiting to be Unleashed?- Mr.Anup Maheshwari - 18 th June 2001
Futures & Options- Mr.Mukul Pal - 15th June 2001
Investing in a Bear Market - Mr.S.N.Rajan - 11th June 2001
Concretizing Gains - Mr.Manish Saxena - 08th June 2001
Equities Playing the Waiting Game - Mr.Nimis Sheth - 01st June 2001
Mutual Fund & The Small Investor - Mr.R.K.Gupta - 28th May 2001
Personal Management Advisory Services(PMS)-the latest buzzword to hit Dalal Street - Mr.Nimish Shah - 25th May 2001
What OPTIONS does the FUTURE hold for MF's? - Mr.Rajat Jain - 21st May 2001
Was Badla a Boon or Bane? - Mr.Sunil Singhania - 18th May 2001
Are Income Funds yielding Dividends? - Mr.Rajiv Anand - 14th May 2001
Is it a Stock Market or Market of Stocks - Mr. Vignesh Eswar - 11th May 2001
To be or Not to be a Trader. That is the Question - Mr. Chandresh Nigam - 07th May 2001
A Tale of Two Economies - Mr. John Band - 04th May 2001
Swimming Against the tide - A Zero Sum Game - Mr. Gul Teckchandani - 02nd May 2001
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